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Are all staff qualified?
We are all chartered physiotherapists and are members of the Health Professions Council – HCPC.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
We can see any patient without a doctor’s referral. However, some insurance companies may insist on a referral. It is therefore advisable that you contact your insurers to check your policy requirements.

What conditions do you treat?
Our treatments may help with musculoskeletal conditions, for example, muscle, joint and spinal conditions, sports injuries, orthopaedic conditions, work-related disorders. We may also help people with vestibular problems and neurological conditions.

Will physiotherapy help?
This can be answered after a detailed assessment by the physiotherapist. In the majority of cases, we can help. However, if we do not think we can help, we will inform you and if necessary refer you to your GP or the most appropriate health care professional.

What can I expect to achieve from physiotherapy?

  • After the initial assessment we will explain our findings and why your symptoms may have occurred
  • We will aim to give you the tools to help prevent future problems
  • We provide Individual home exercise and treatment programmes specific to you
  • We can provide hands-on manual treatment to help accelerate your progress

How long are the treatment sessions?
You will need to allow 45 – 60 minutes for the initial assessment and treatment session.
Subsequent treatment sessions last from 30 – 45 minutes depending on the type of treatment you require.

Can I park at the clinic?
Yes, we have free off-road parking at the clinic.

What do I need to wear?
You may be more comfortable bringing shorts to change into and a vest type top. You will be asked to undress to a level that we can assess you fully. Your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times.

Will my insurance company pay?
We are recognised by many of the main insurers, but please feel free to call and ask about specific insurance companies. You should check with your insurance company if you need a doctor’s referral to ensure that you are covered.

Can I self-pay?
If you do not have health insurance cover, we will see you on a self-pay basis, and you do not need a doctor’s referral for this.

How can I pay?
For self-pay patients we accept cash, cheque or credit / debit cards.

What if I cannot attend my appointment?
A cancellation fee may be charged if 24-hours’ notice is not given, please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a pre-booked appointment.

Do you offer home visit appointments?
We prefer to see people at the clinic. However, we do offer home visits to patients who are unable to get to us. Charges for home visits will vary depending on the distance travelled and time spent away from the clinic.

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